Procrastination – Let’s Talk about it.

I started the shell of this blog 3 years ago. Even drafted my first post about my little bee’s 2nd grade classroom end of the year gifts, but didn’t publish it. She’s about to be a 5th grader come fall.  Oops!

Yep, I’m a self admitted procrastinator!  How could this have happened?  Well, I think my procrastination is a pure unadulterated sign of that awful ego based word we call FEAR. Fear of starting a blog and no one reading it or maybe I’m afraid I can’t commit my time to something like a weekly blog.  Either way…

I’ve decided to take that word and make it my bitch.  Seriously, fear has limited us in our dreams, desires and future.  I will no longer allow her to keep me from pursuing those dreams or reaching for the stars.  She’s been a monkey on our back since we’ve first learned what the word even means.  No more – she’s being removed from my vocabulary.

So – without any fear I introduce you to Mommy UnPerfected.  A blog about everything and anything.  I’m not one of those moms who is good at re-creating those perfect Pinterest crafts or a mom who can cook a gourmet meal.  I’m just your everyday mom who works really hard to make sure she’s doing it kinda right.

If you’re a “doing it kinda right” kind of mom then join me on my journey and share those “kinda right” and “kinda not so right” moments.

Love ya,

Mommy UnPerfected


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