Blacklight Run – Age Appropriate?

You betcha!

My little bee had a fantastic time at the local BlackLight Run.  At first, I wasn’t to keen on having her attend but since it was for a fundraiser supporting foster care youth I agreed. I actually planned the organizations annual fundraising galas so I gathered a group of friends together and we joined the organizations team.

You can see the group of friends I begged, bribed and forced to participate.  As you can see in the photo we all brought our kids.  The kids ages ranged from 5 – 16 and all of them had the best time.

The event itself began with a pre-run concert where the kids danced and were covered with glow in the dark powder.  They couldn’t get enough. The littlest ones became the biggest party animals. 😉

Of course with little ones it’s best to walk but they had us moving fast to keep up with them.  Overall, it was a fun experience we were able to do together with the kids which is what I’m always looking for.

Check out the Blacklight Run – you won’t be disappointed and either will your little ones.

blacklight logo


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